PAPIYON ONE-ON-ONE mentors have the unique role of working with youth to provide a solid support system and be a reliable trusted adult in the young person’s life. Many of our youth have not had a solid foundation or positive role model in their lives. Our goal is to develop long lasting relationships between the mentors and the mentees.

Individual goals are created to empower youth, and to master life skills that enhance his/her future success in the work force. 

PAPIYON CARES OUTINGS is the opportunity for Mentors & Mentees to gather for weekend outings. The goal is to allow the youth to bond with positive role models in a fun and relaxed environment. We want our youth to learn about the world around them, while gaining practical experience as they meet new people, and visit new locations. This opportunity will also allow our youth to put their new social and life skills to the test in a safe and stimulating environment.

Some suggested field trips are:

•    Museums

•    Historic site

•    Community Outreach

 Please consider donating to our Mentor program! Your tax-deductible donation makes a huge impact on the children and young adults we serve.