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Papiyon 7th year’s celebration! Envelope Fundraiser!

Want to support Papiyon Mission? Grab an envelope!

To celebrate our 7th years as an organization and preparing for the decade to come, we launched Envelope Fundraiser campaign designed to raise funds and support. We had a couple of goals for the campaign: 

First, we wanted to celebrate our 7th Birthday. A 7th year anniversary - gave people a strong reason to pay attention. We wanted to make sure that people were aware of what we had accomplished in the last 7th years and how we planned to continue to build on that success for the next decade. 

Second, we were specifically raising money for the infrastructure that would power the next decade of our work. Over the last 4th years, the number of Papiyon youth has grown! It was clear that Papiyon needed to make a big investment in the youth, education and resources that would take our work to the next level—so we launched the campaign. Your donation today supports after school programs, Future Leaders scholarships and summer camp activities and more. 100% of your DONATION goes directly for the education of the children in our programs. No percentage for overhead. No cuts for fundraising. 

Here’s How It Works!

We have a basket of 150 numbered envelopes (#1-#150) that we’re hoping to be claimed. Here’s what will happen if you say, “YES” to an envelope…
1. We will send you a self-addressed, stamped envelope with a number on it ranging from 1-150.
2. You will place the coordinating dollar amount in your envelope and drop it in the mail sometime before December 15. (For example, if you get envelope #37, you’d put in a check for $37.00)
3. The checks will be made payable to Papiyon Inc. ALL the money goes directly to our Papiyon Inc.

SO…how do I get a number??

1. You can simply say, “send me an envelope” and we will draw it out of the basket. It will be totally random but you’ll be assured that IT WON’T BE OVER 150.
2. OR request a range. For example, tell me to send you an envelope ranging from numbers 10-20 or 50-60 or something like that.
3. OR request a specific envelope number.
*You can donate the money as an individual or get a group to join you – a Sunday school class, small group or friends!
If all 150 envelopes are claimed, we’ll raise over $11,000!!!
We pray that you’ll say YES to an envelope! If you’d like to participate, please email with your name and address or choose your Envelope on Papiyon page by pressing DONATE choose other and DONATE for the envelope you pick.